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No, not a bunch of old men, but highlights from some of my earliest footage - with GREAT men! This is a man’s man kind of a movie. No exotic locations, no orchestrated music, no elaborate sets, no multiple angle fades, etc, etc. This movie...
Stars: David , Tony , Joey , Butch , Jimmy , Ben , Max , Buck , Gary
You’re sure to have loads of fun with this one. Don’t ask so many loaded questions, you already know what this movie is about. Loads #21 is all cumshots, all working man studs stroking away at their hard meat until they let off a creamy,...
Adam & Logan:
Married, always horny Adam teams up with hunky Logan for a little fun and they waste no time getting down to business. I wish all buddies sessions were this easy I just watched and enjoyed. Hope you will too.

Stars: Scott , Adam , Keith , Logan
Cute little construction worker Jay teams up with long, anky Walter, a gravedigger, for some lazy afternoon, slow-and-easy lovemaking.

Tom and Matt are two buddies who run together and travel around the country. They play the straight...
Stars: Matt , Jay , Tom , Walter , Tim , Larry
Jake is a trucker from a little town east of Atlanta. He is dying to get fucked and loves both ass play with a dildo.

Steven is an adorable little devil that fucked his running buddy in a previous taping. He’s so fucking cute that...
Stars: Dave , Steve , Jake , Chuck , Steven , Little Joe , Chucky
The men featured on these videos are not your typical “gay” models. Many are straight or Bi and are engaging in Man-Man sex for the first time. Therefore they may appear nervous, uncomfortable, and uneasy. The sex between these men is not...
Stars: Lee , Mike , Steve , Robby
This is my most popular series, but a warning - sex between these men is not going to be as open and easy as between gay men, and will not be as hot as a bunch of queens at a Baldwin Brothers' Strip-A-Thon. So enjoy it for what it is - 2 or more...
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Don and John: Two scraggly country boys get it on out of pure friendship and a willingness to please each other's buddy. That's what friends are for!

Steve and Joe: A big ol' hairy landscaper and the...
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Welcome to the 26 installment of our signature series. Each 1-Hour movie features 8 terrific Raw, Ragged, REAL All American Men showing their stuff, beatin' their meat, and shootin' their load. Edited down to the best parts, you can see more of...
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Workin' Men Videos present "Loads 17." Kick back, relax and enjoy another installment of Loads. Once again, we're featuring some of the most rugged American man you have ever laid your eyes on! One by one, they jerk their cocks, jizzing all over...