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Studio: Knight Patrol

These bisexuals love sex in any form...a dick's for sucking, a butt's for fucking, and throw in some hot, wet pussy for spice and everything's nice.

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Studio: Knight Patrol
Samantha takes a fatty in the patty and then in the throat. Gay Shemale sex Directed by Santino Ferrari that will have you fisting your cock as these pillow-biters plow in and out of some hot man-gina and blow hot loads down these deep-throated...
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These young European stud-twinks are always "up" for some good mansex fun with their equally over-sexed buddies. They hook-up on the weekends and spend their time hangin' out...literally...and suckin' each other's dripping dicks and plowin' each...
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Assume the position! Whether it's eating or lapping out of a bowl on the floor while on all-fours, on your knees with a leash around your neck, sucking on master's dick, or havin' your ass plowed Doggy Style, these young Euro boys just love being...
Stars: Farkas , Szabo , Ricasso , Ordasi
Studio: Knight Patrol
For these lucky studs, home invasion leads to ass invasion when they are surprised in their houses by a hot, horny burglar! Wearing masks, and wielding crow-bars and a hard cocks, these thieves came looking for jewelry, but found the family...
Stars: Farkas , Szabo , Mester
Studio: Knight Patrol
Follow these well-endowed and over-sexed Latin uncut studs as they hook up with each other in the tropical outdoors for some sexual release! Nothing like sucking and fucking up a sweaty, sticky mess for that ecstatic, pleasure-filled relief,...
Studio: Knight Patrol
It's Double the Pleasure when you've got three hot, hungry mouths instead of only two! Check out 3 red-hot bisexual scenes where two studs and one slut become a writhing, sexual frenzy of deliciousness. And be sure to watch scene two with the...
Studio: Knight Patrol
They never met a juicy dick they didn't like. It's a cock 'n ball buffet for these ravenous Over Eaters. And there's no way they're joining anything that resembles Cock Watchers, or Dick Lovers Anonymous! They'll continue with their own 12-step...
Studio: Knight Patrol
When you're captive in the military, hot sex isn't too hard to find, but the time to do it sure is. So when you come up with a willing girl, another willing guy...nothing like a hot threesome. And a stiff prick has no conscience...a hot ass is a...