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Studio: Lipstik Video

The Flaming Tongues saga continues, as girl devours girl, in Volume 2 of the lezbionic epic that exposes to the camera the hottest female action ever filmed anywhere; and in living, throbbing color - predominantly pink!...
Studio: Lipstik Video
The girls of Klit House are really in trouble. Round after round of love making between the shapely group of beauties has left little time for studies .Dean Primmly has informed the sex crazed lovelies that they are about to be expelled. The girls...
Studio: Lipstik Video
Two female exercise gym owners decide to make extra cash by filming some of their beautiful customers performing their workouts. They direct the girls into positions that turn the classes into wall-to-wall sex. After discovering the hidden movie...
Studio: Lipstik Video
Five luscious, lust crazed beauties are brought together through the technological wizardy of EROTICOM, a computer bulletin board for users interested in "hands on experience." These ladies are very hot and ready to make love in a jacuzzi. The...
Studio: Lipstik Video
Life at this boarding school isn't what you call proper...the head mistress is a sex-crazed teacher of an all lesbian class. These girls can't get enough of each other, and the teacher can't get enough from her pupils. Wild! and full of the...
Studio: Lipstik Video
Once upon a time, two aspiring models, confused about their sexual feelings, became destined targets of a lustful lesbian photographer. Meanwhile, awaiting their arrival, our photo queen seduces her best friend in an all-out, no-holds-barred...
Studio: Lipstik Video
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Studio: Lipstik Video
Gloria and Catherine spend an exciting night recalling a wild experience with a lesbian out-call service. One girl wasn't enough to take care of the two beauties, so they called for more help. The more the merrier in these gals' books! Watch them...
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Come and see the Live Sex Shows of Paris, shot live in front of an audience. Now join the audience at two of the most exciting sex shows in Paris, one of which is the French Lover Club. You will see and experience the actual performers who do and...
Studio: Lipstik Video
This revealing lingerie party turns from fashion to sex as a group of young beauties decide they want to try on each other along with the lacy new sex-wear. Lots of hot lesbian sex that features anal action and every other form of girl-girl sex...