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Stars: Jade , Holly , Bailey , Kori , Farrah , Cat
It is mating season in Brazil and you know what that means. That is right all the girls are taking off their clothes spreading their legs and fucking like only Brazilian whores know how to do. This is a fantastic erotic show, you're going to...
In March of 1999, three female college students travel to the far away city of Blair in order to study the infamous tale of "Mayara, the Whore of Blair." Since their trip to Blair, the girls were never seen again. This video documents exactly...
Yasmin, Barbara and Elisangela are 3 young girls who love to live their lives and they accept an invitation to take a boat trip, and from there on you can only imagine what is going to happen!! The director Osmar Borges has really made a strong...
Dr. X goes into the countryside, where he meet's a lot of country girls and he finds out that these country girls know even more than the girls from the city. Watch this film and see the rustic talents and hardcore actions that will have you...
Some girlfriends decide to make a friendly wager between them; they have to take two dicks at once. Not in the hand or even in the mouth but double penetration! Who can hold out the longest when being slammed in the ass and pussy at the same time!...
On the day of the anniversary of her birth, an executive's wife resolves to make a big surprise, a beautiful "Mulatta Girl" ready for all that comes, wrapped and decorated like a present!!! When the guests arrive, uh uh, who's going to get to play...
From a telephone box cabin people are being transferred to a virtual atmosphere where their fantasies are becoming a reality. The Metrix will lead you to a fourth dimensional land where the sex is nasty and hardcore! Superproduction with special...
Without any success with the girls, a guy meets a beautiful girl that promises him power and lots of beautiful girls, as she grants him 5 wishes. All she wants is his soul in exchange for the wishes!! He agrees and starts to dream and his dreams...
We're in the far west. The gunmen and bandits are hanging around in the saloon, waiting for their boss to come around, telling stories about their adventures at the local whorehouse, when the sheriff suddenly appears, it just happens that one of...