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Studio: Caribbeancom
Mizushima Ai is the star in this latest Caribbeancom series. The theme of this series is uniforms and it features Mizushima in two action – packed scenes with different varieties of uniforms. The first scene jumps off with Mizushima in a...
Studio: Wood Rocket
Although the TSA is the center of controversy here in America, there are some people who are more receptive to their practices than others. If a strip search at the airport grants a man a free blowjob and some kinky sex, he’s all game. Four...
Sally has kept the Headmaster waiting. As he paces outside, she sits staring and giggling while texting on her mobile phone. After awhile Headmaster Tom has had enough of this waiting for a silly girl. He storms in the house and catches Sally on...
Stars: Sally
Roseanne is a lazy schoolgirl having a lazy afternoon. She’s just reading some nice magazines and listening to some cool music. Being alone at home can be fun! Alone?? Really??? Watch the video…Headmaster Tom thinks there might be a bad...
While the Headmaster calls her name around campus, Linda is enjoying herself. She’s ensconced on a balcony smoking and sipping wine. She is too naughty to be believed. When Headmaster Tom finally locates her he slams the balcony door shut and...
Stars: Linda
Since this blond angel was committed to GBS some weeks ago, she felt a lot of ease and relief. Life at the school does not seem to be THAT bad. Sure, some slaps here, some thrashings there, but in the end all pretty bearable and within reason....
Stars: Micaela
Since failing miserably twice before, it's Vanessa's third and last chance to pass her annual exam. And THIS time Headmaster Tom is in no mood for joking, as Vanessa figures out when he entered the room with 2 paddles in his hand!

Stars: Vanessa
Headmaster Tom is mad as hell! He missed an extremely important phone call when he couldn't enter GBS because one of the girl changed the door code! What was meant as an innocuous prank turned into the most severe punishment that Sanna has yet...
Stars: Sanna
It's about 2 years ago that Elin closed the door behind her, happy and relieved that her time in GBS was over. She had turned the corner successfully, from a defiant and conceited brat, to a well behaving, well educated and honorable young lady....
It's Simone's second chance to give a talk about 'Sweden' as a part of her intermediate exam in geography. The week before, when she failed miserably in the same matter, Headmaster Tom showed himself kind enough to give her a further chance.
Stars: Simone