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Studio: DigicomTV
Ever since the Greeks abandoned the battlefield at Troy, leaving behind them an innocent looking model of a horse, deception and camouflage have been a powerful weapon in the armory of war. This remarkable and immensely entertaining program takes...
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Following the success of Behind The Green Door and Resurrection of Eve, Marilyn Chambers was at the height of her popularity....
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Imagine yourself trapped on a beautiful virgin island surrounded by 19 exotic females. They are dripping with coconut oil, and desire. The sultriest beach babes deliver scorching action in this high-class quality production. With an eye for toned...
Studio: Media Blasters
Dear Love,
I've been to some of the most exotic and erotic hot spots in the world throughout my tripped out, steamy, travels! Wish you were here!
In Denmark, I've witnessed blonde-on-blonde sexual freedom up close and very personal!...